ARMADILLIO / Marine Nationale(フランス海軍)バンド 【直営店 特別価格】

Marine Nationale


定価 7,700円(税抜)



パラシュートに使われるコードを切ってそのまま時計に付ける、シンプルなストラップです。伸縮性、速乾性抜群!実際のフランス海軍のダイバー達も愛用しています。Rolexだけでなく、色々なタイプの時計に簡単に合わせることができます。ストラップをバネ棒の間に通してくるっと好きなサイズに調整してフックに引っ掛けるだけです。フックを外さず、着脱ができます。 ベルト幅:20mm *幅20〜21mmの時計に最適です

素材:ナイロン サイズ:FREE






ARMADILLIO is a brand that creates original watch belts or straps. The team is consisted by "Watch and Rolex freaks". Leather link straps are hand-made with Nappa cow leather and they can apply on only Rolex models. On the other hand, Marine Nationale parachute traps can apply on any watches. ARMADILLIO presents original and rare belts and straps where you can only purchase from our shop.

Description of product

This KHAKI strap is from virgin roll of parachute strap which has been kept in the old warehouse in France. It's very simple strap with a metal hook. Because this strap is actually used for parachute squad, it's made by very durable nylon with fast-dry characteristic. You can keep original screws from the watch, you do not need any special tools to attach the strap.

BELT width(ベルト幅):20mm *Watches with 20〜21mm width is recommended



Made in France

*ARMADILLIO product only contains belts, watch or tools are not included.

*Product images you see on our website are samples.

*All products are secure inspected. However you may find some small scratch on products that is caused by during the production.

*Box may damage while shipping from Japan to your country.