ARMADILLIO / Rolex専用 Leather link strap【直営店 特別価格】

Leather link strap #NATURAL


定価 28,000円(税抜)



「既製品の革ベルトだとどうしてもRolexに合わないんだよね」「じゃあ作っちゃおう!」とARMADILLIOのチームが独自に研究し、革製品作りに長けた職人に依頼。ひとつひとつ丁寧に手作業で作られたベルトです。純正のロレックスのメタルバンドを彷彿させるデザイン、既製品ベルトとは違い【ステッチを出さない】デザインを見事に実現。ベルト内部には強靭なワイヤーが複雑に組み込まれています。革特有の経年変化も楽しんでいただけます。アンティークはもちろん最新のRolexにも合うデザインです。 ◯ベルト幅:20mm *対応モデル一覧は最後の画像をご覧下さい




素材:ナッパレザー(牛革) サイズ:5×5 (ベルト単体の長さ5.5cm × 2個)






ARMADILLIO is a brand that creates original watch belts or straps. The team is consisted by "Watch and Rolex freaks". Leather link straps are hand-made with Nappa cow leather and they can apply on only Rolex models. On the other hand, Marine Nationale parachute traps can apply on any watches. ARMADILLIO presents original and rare belts and straps where you can only purchase from our shop.

Description of product

Most of leather belts you can find at the shop or e-commerce are simple or too boring. ARMADILLIO team decided to make "one and only" leather belts for Rolex. In order to do that, design team tried to avoid stitching like others, the team tried so many times to come up with leather belt design which is almost the same as Rolex's original metal link belts. It's very durable product with hidden kevlar wire inside to hold all leather links. You can also enjoy aging of the leather belt while wearing it. It's suitable for brand new Rolex as well as your antique Rolex watch.

◯You can use original screws of Rolex to replace leather link belt.

◯To adjust the size, you can keep original metal links, then insert leather link straps using original screw of Rolex.

◯Color may fade or transfer under wet condition such as rain or sweat.

★BELT width(ベルト幅):20mm *Please check the list from product images

★Material:Cow leather ★Size:5×5(one single belt length is 5.5cm)

★Hand made in Taiwan

*ARMADILLIO product only contains belts, watch or tools are not included.

*Product images you see on our website are samples.

*All products are secure inspected. However you may find some small scratch on products that is caused by during the production.

*Box may damage while shipping from Japan to your country.